Terms & Conditions

You will only be able to place an order with us if you are at least 18 years old and residing in the UK. Alternatively, you should be a business incorporated in the UK.

Any order placed with us will be treated as an offer to purchase that specific product or service. We reserve the right to reject any order because of any reason.

We will confirm that your order has been received by sending you an email detailing the product or service. However, this email or any other communication does not indicate that we have accepted your offer of purchasing from us. We do not have any legal obligation to provide you the product or service you have ordered until the contract has been completed when the products are dispatched to. Any items on your order that haven’t been dispatched for any reason will not form part of the contract.  In the instance of products purchased on the internet and delivered to the store then the time the customer picks up the device from the store will be considered to be the point of dispatch.

Only certain products can be purchased within 90 days. All pay monthly products and services will be available after a credit check. 

Price and Payment

Despite our best efforts, some of the information on the site regarding discounts, promotions, or prices may be wrong. We will do our best to correct any error and will inform you accordingly.

All prices include VAT unless specified otherwise. Your card will be debited when the goods are dispatched to you. We will refund the appropriate amount in case any product or service cannot be supplied. Upfront costs associated with pay monthly products and/or services should be paid first for the order to be processed.

All delivery dates mentioned here are approximations. We will inform you about delayed or unavailable products.