The Growth of Online Bingo

Over the past few years online bingo has become increasingly popular. Instead of having to go out to the local bingo hall and take the risks that come with that, people can now play from the comfort of their own homes. And to make things even more attractive for keen bingo players, online bingo allows them to play against others at any time of the day. 


Much has changed thanks to the rise of the internet, and online gaming on the whole has become a booming market. But thanks to the accessibility and ease of bingo, this game has had more success than pretty much any other. It's a simple game to play and the online versions also have a variety of different game modes, letting players find the sort of game that suits them best. 



To indicate the vast growth of online bingo, in 2004, there were an estimated 20 bingo halls live on the web. Just 10 years later, that number had grown by nearly 2000%, and now around 350 bingo halls are thought to operate online - and that is just in the United Kingdom - the market is also growing in countries such as Ireland as you can see documented at


Online bingo is often much easier to play than the real game. Since the gaming engines will automatically cross off winning numbers, players are able to purchase large numbers of tickets for each game, hence increasing the stakes and boosting their chances of a big win.  


Competition between online bingo sites is extremely high as the power is with the consumer - unlike in-person, where they may only have one option, online bingo players can choose from a variety of sites offering the service. As a result, sites have to offer players attractive sign up bonuses, which are only beneficial to the player. When signing up, players are often given a bonus of around four or five times their initial deposit to play with. This attractive offer is a win-win situation: the player gets free money to play bingo with, while the site finds it easier to sign up new players, as people are more likely to spread the word about the great deals. 


Online bingo has retained the social aspects that have made it very popular. Nearly all sites have chat rooms, so players are able to make new friends and discuss the games being played. It is perhaps this element which has made online bingo so successful, as it is much a social experience for people as it is a gaming one.

This competition has also made the gaming experience much more enjoyable for the player. A number of reputable sites have emerged, so people know where their money is safe, and the sites have continued developing, offer great interfaces and provide players with stellar customer service.


While the activity of online gaming goes through peaks and troughs, the trend with online bingo is clear: this is a market which has boomed and continues to grow steadily with zero sign of abating. The internet is the future and bingo is as popular as ever, so expect this game to become even more prominent online in the years to come.