The Myths Around Online Slot Machines

There is so much hogwash surrounding online slot machine that sometimes it borders on ridiculous. This has mostly got to do with the fact that most people do not know how the slot machines work with respect to the Random Number Generator or RNG. Among the many myths surrounding the most popular game in the world-slot machines, these are the four that are most common.

I - You just abandoned your machine and someone hit the jackpot. You should have kept playing to win the jackpot.

Most important thing to understand is that the previous chances have nothing to do with the probability of you winning the when playing a new chance. The Random Number Generator never really stops working, it is always calculating numbers. The combination is picked up at the exact time you hit play. This makes each chance stand on its own and hence unique. You could not have stopped the RNG at the exact moment as the person who came after you. Hence making this game purely a game of luck for each individual. The RNG is spinning the number so fast they’re changing every micro-second. The person who came after you, then has won it completely on his own luck. 

II - Counting the symbols on each wheel will tell you about your odds of winning. 

The RNG makes a number for every time you press the play. This number relates to the symbols showing on the Reel. The reel is spinning so fast, you’re hardly able to see the hundreds stops on each reel even though you see far fewer symbols. The reason why online slot machines offer such large payouts is just this – there are so millions of combinations generated by your machine, the chances of you winning are very rare. Knowing the number of reels will do you nothing as long as you don’t know the number of virtual stops. The only thing you know is that there will be many more than you imagine.

III - Percentage of payouts are under the control of the casino

Absolutely not. The payouts are only and only determined by the computer chips installed in the machines. This is a preset and cannot be changed. The only way the casino will be able to change the payback is if they can change the chip which is not possible because it is set by online gaming regulators. Most casinos are getting their money anyway because of house edges and they are doing well with that. It will be a good idea to check the payback before playing and then you can only play those online slot machines with payouts of 95% or more.

IV - If you haven’t won the jackpot in a while, you will now!

It is important to understand that every spin of any online slot machine works individually. It has got nothing to do with the number of times you lost before. So basically a slot machine can go on for indefinite periods of time without paying its top jackpot.